The 70’s was a period of high growth for Taiwan's plywood industry. During this time, our founder and CEO - Mr Jan-Yen Sun, along with Mr Chin-Yen Lee and members of plywood industry ( Kuo Feng Corporation, Yu Guo Plywood and San Yu Plywood ) established Shiny Chemical Industrial Company Limited. The company initially acquired advanced technology for the manufacturing of plywood adhesive products, supplying to the growing domestic demand.

Since then, Shiny Chemical steadily expands. During the early 80’s, the company successfully developed butyl acetate and series of solvent products, and began to focus on solvent manufacturing and developing application technology in this area.

In the 90’s, Shiny Chemical has become one of the leading manufacturer of solvent products in Taiwan, and began to diversify and globalize its business. The company successively invested in several liquid chemical storage tank terminals, providing service in leasing and managing of tanks to its customers, and also indirectly invested in operations throughout Mainland China and Malaysia.

Improvement on environmental protection has always been a key subject that motivates Shiny Chemical to spawn new products. PMP, a self-developed, internationally-patented and environmentally-friendly solvent, has won the company world-wide recognition and user supports. In the beginning of the new millennium, Shiny Chemical has successfully developed series of chemical products for the application in high-tech industries such as semi-conductor and makers of TFT-LCD panels. Today, the company is a leading supplier of electronic grade solvents in Taiwan.